Some Divi Community Love

Your solutions were recommended to me and they were exactly what I was looking for!

– Elise Michaels

Another great one (tutorial)! Super clear instructions an I always learn things besides the thing you’re showing us.. bonus!

– Claire Turner

This is a gorgeous layout Rob. So clean. Love it! And thank you.

– Olga Summerhayes

What is Divi?

Divi is a Premium WordPress Theme from the fine folk at Elegant Themes. It is one of the most popular (arguably the most popular) Page Builder Themes out there! It’s ‘drag-n-drop’ simple and looks amazing to boot!
We love it. Over 370,000 site owners love it. We’re assuming you love it (or very soon will). And with some added Octygon goodness… you’ll probably love it even more.


Learn Something New

Divi UI Challenge #10 – Subscribe Section

Hey Octynauts! Welcome to our first UI Challenge Build for 2017! And she's a beauty! A Galaxy themed Subscribe Section or Landing Page featuring the Email Optin module. Like always, we're building with the standard Divi builder settings with a few additional CSS...

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Divi UI Challenge #9 – Product Tiles

Hello and welcome back to another Divi UI Challenge! This week we're tackling a Product Tiles section, perfect for highlighting three seperate product options. Like always, we're building with the standard Divi builder settings and have a few additional minor CSS...

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Divi UI Challenge #8 – The Ungrid

Welcome to this week's Divi UI Challenge! Today we're building a stacked images section, but one that breaks out of the classic 'grid' approach... hence 'The Ungrid'. Which is particular fun to us Divi lovers who's 'lives' are confined to modules/rows/sections ;)...

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