Who we are.

What we’re about.

The Project

Octygon is a creative community project by us over at Number 11. Octygon was quite inevitable to be honest. For nearly 3 years, we’ve been big fans of Elegant Themes work. In particular their Premium WordPress Theme Divi. We were there during its early days as one of the more robust themes in their large library, and journeyed along as it became the theme that practically replaced the need to look to any of their others. We even managed to pick up a top 20 position out of 2,300 entries in the Elegant Themes annual Showcase Competition.

Yes. We’re big fans.

We design and develop for quite a variety of WordPress projects. For many of these the scope requires a custom build, but for the many that don’t, we’ve turned to Divi to provide the foundation. Dozens, if not hundreds, of projects later, we’ve become fairly adept at using Divi. We’ve created some designs that we’re incredibly proud of. And some not so. But we can just ignore those … 😉 Along the way, we’ve built a bunch of Divi Child Themes, Layout Packs and Plugins that we think could lay the foundation for many other projects. Octygon is quite simply a place we can bring some of the good work we’ve done to the table and make it available to the 350,000+ other WordPressers who love Divi. We’ve learned that having a good starting place for a project can be just what you need to craft something that meets a clients objectives for their website as well as being a proud portfolio piece.

Octygon is for anyone who uses WordPress + Divi. Whether you’re an agency delivering dozens of projects a year, or a DIY blogger, we hope you can find something here that helps you give that extra oomph.

What We Make

It’s easy to start with well crafted Theme or plugin and then butcher it with a poor code. To ensure what we create is robust, backwards compatible and generally worthy of the theme it’s attached to, we follow these principles.

  • If the Divi Theme Customiser and the Divi Builder can do it, we use it.
  • For unique styling outside of Divi we create re-usable semantic CSS classes available by a Child Theme or Plugin.
  • For unique functionality, we provide a child theme or plugin.


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