What’s the difference between a Divi Layout Pack and a Child Theme? This is a great question! One that sparked a good conversation over on one of the Divi Facebook groups the other day.

For some the answer is simple and obvious. If you’ve been around WordPress for a little while, especially if you have any WordPress development experience, you probably know the difference. But for many less experienced people, the question is totally fair. It can be kind of confusing.

For me, this is the short answer:

Divi Layout Packs are a combination of Divi Builder pages, sections, rows and modules that you can export/import to other pages and even sites. They are something particular to the Divi Builder.

WordPress Child Themes are installed just like any normal WordPress theme and add to or change some of the design and functionality of a defined and installed Parent Theme.

Does this make sense?

Let’s think of it another way. Imagine Divi is a 1967 Ford Mustang. My favourite car.

A Divi Layout Pack is a particular configuration of the options available to you from the Ford Factory for your car. Colour. Body shape (Coupe vs Fastback). Trim. Engine Size.

A Divi Child Theme is when you take your mustang in to a custom work shop and build something like ‘Eleanor’ out of the movie Gone in 60 seconds. It’s got body shape modification. A custom exhaust. Non-factory paint work. The Engine has been tinkered with. The end product is built on top¬†of what rolled out of the factory and has been “enhanced” according to the needs/tastes of a particular person.

Of course this example isn’t water-tight, but if your a car person, it might help. If you’re not a car person… ūüôā

FWIW, perhaps some of where the confusion comes from is that the Child Themes for Divi often come packaged with Layout Packs as well. The Child Theme tweaks/enhances Divi and then the Layout Packs give you what you need to quickly build out the pages.

Just a short post, but a question I’ve seen pop up a little. I hope it helps.


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